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Sheila Morrison, Principal

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of our students through the new Backpack Program.  As you know, the Backpack Program evolved from the former “All They Want For Christmas” program.  Having community members step up to support families throughout the year has been a positive expansion of the support typically provided at Christmas time.  The Backpack Program has been well received at EES, as many families face struggles all year long - not just at Christmas time.  We very much appreciate how discreetly this program is administered so that families can remain anonymous.  We look forward to our weekly deliveries from your team!

Mr. Ron Amos , Secretary Treasurer 

Ms.Worcester is volunteerimng her time and efforts to provide a valuable and, sadly, much needed service to the less fortunate in our school community, and we appreciate her hard working integrity as she carries out the duties required to provide that service. 



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