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Our Story

It takes a village 

Our program started in 1997 when Virginia Worcester noticed that family’s in the community were struggling to enjoy the Christmas season. She decided to adopt families with help from the local police station and bring them much needed food, presents, and clothing. Fast forward years later a partnership with school District 69 allowed her to create what was called All They Want for Christmas. A program that adopts 150 families in our local community for the two-week break to ensure our families had food, warm clothes and toys for the children. This program is still very much alive. As the poverty rates rise globally the childhood hunger rates also climb. Our schools noticed an increase of children coming to school hungry and implemented breakfast and lunch programs many of our children have come to rely on.  Out of this tragic reality our program was born. We send home a backpack full of food to families in need to ensure that children have food on the weekend and can return to school on Monday fed and ready to learn. After all the children are our future with a little food, water, and love they will grow into tomorrow’s community. We would also like to acknowledge our Rotary Club of Qualicum Beach who work tirelessly to transform and strengthen this program as our partner.  

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