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             SD69 Bookworm Project


All Children deserve to read books. Unfortunately for many children to own their own book is a privilege not afforded to them.  We know that literacy is a key life skill and reading at home is the building block to this skill, not to mention the other benefits to reading at home - the memories it makes, the bonds it creates, and the creativity it inspires.

This project's goal is to get books into the hands of K-3 children starting from the ground up.

This idea was born after reading children's Christmas wish list in this school year's "All They Want for Christmas" campaign.  Many children indicated that all they wanted this year was a book.  Keep in mind that the children can wish for any gift that they might like, and they asked for a book.

The process will start with the schools' administrator confidentially determining the students who are in need. We will then pick a book that best suits the child's interest and reading level.  We will start the project at two schools, spanning across three grade levels. The schools we are starting with are Errington Elementary and Springwood Elementary.  The hope is to expand to all the schools in District 69.

Donations are much appreciated and will receive a tax receipt.  Together let's build a community of Book Worms!

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